Worship and Creative Arts

Inspiring people to pursue God through creativity and character.


The worship and creative arts ministry at CHBC provides opportunities for us to use our God-given creativity to bring Him praise and to draw people closer to Him. The Bible mentions creativity no less than 40 times. Genesis 1:27 says that God created us in His image, and Ephesians 2:10 says that we are his “workmanship,” created for good works. God is a creator, and He has created each and every one of us to be creative for His purpose.

The most obvious place we see the worship ministry serving our church is on Sunday morning as the music team leads us to sing together. But the worship ministry is so much more than just music, and it’s so much more than just Sunday.

There’s a media team that supports the music team on Sunday morning through audio, video and lighting. There’s a team for drama, photography, videography, creative writing, graphic design, stage design, wood building and more. No matter the specific creative skills God has given you, there’s a place for you as part of the worship ministry.

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Something we say as a church a lot is that we are “body engaged.” Everyone in the church has an opportunity and responsibility to not just be a spectator of the church but to be involved and engage in the ministry. God has created us that way, and there is fulfillment in serving within the giftings He has placed in us.

We have put together an exhaustive list of all the different opportunities that make up the worship ministry. Simply tap the button below and take the next few minutes to read through some of the different roles available. If something sounds interesting—even if you don’t have any experience doing that task—check the box. We’ll follow up to help you find just the right spot for you to use your creative talents to serve God and our church family.

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Want to hear more of the songs we sing together on a Sunday morning? Follow this regularly updated Spotify playlist, and enjoy these worship songs throughout your week.