What I Am Learning On My Recent Journey...


It is amazing how fast things change! In the last week my interaction with the football team at our local high school has caused a flurry of activity. In all of it I have learned a few things, so far.

Atheists aren't bad people; neither are Christians. So many times, because of emotionally charged social media posts, Christians and Atheists are given a bad rep. Almost made to feel like we have to "fight" each other and oppose each other because that is what we are "supposed" to do. I was blessed by an Atheist in one of the comments that I read. She simply stated why she felt like the Freedom From Religion organization may have intervened, but also stated that she loved what we were doing to help people. It was so refreshing! She was kind, thoughtful, and complimentary. Probably like many other Atheists. I had the privilege of being kind, thoughtful, and complimentary back... probably like most Christians would have done. As it is with most people, no matter how you group us, there are extremes on both sides that can make all of us look bad. What did I learn? Be nice. Even when attacked or put down; be nice. Kindness and thoughtfulness are two great ways to disarm anger and hate. As Believers, this should be our wheelhouse! 

I am not alone. One of my many favorite things about being a Believer is the way we rally together as a family. All of the calls, texts, messages, and comments have been so encouraging and timely. There is an army of prayer warriors that have lifted up my family and I and our church family. You will never know how grateful I am. You are such a blessing. This has reminded me of just how many wonderful brothers and sisters that I have.

Our God Reigns! The ministry to our school and community will go unfazed! The Lord has blessed us with a relationship with a great school system and leadership. We have worked together to make sure that we are extra careful in protecting every child from any religion being forced on them. What we get to do is love the school and every person in it and serve them with the unconditional love of Christ. We model who we are in front of them and let God do the rest! 

I anticipate that I will be learning much more as the days pass, but I am thankful for what The Lord is doing and cannot wait to see how He uses all of this.

Much Jesus Love,
Mike Keahbone

PastorMike Keahbone