3 Family Fellowship



For the Cherokee Hills Baptist family to get better acquainted with members they may not normally spend time with.  It’s a way to help build “family” – a fun way to do life together!


Three families meet together once a month for three months.  At the end of three months, families are shuffled and new groups of three are formed.

Here’s how it works …

  • Three families (among those who have agreed to participate) are randomly put together for three months.
  • The idea is to meet in each other’s homes for dinner and conversation.  You can meet in a restaurant, but there is something special about having dinner in a home.  Depending on the make-up of the group, some will enjoy playing games, etc., but the idea is to have activities or conversation that encourages your group to engage and interact with each other.  You’re wanting to get acquainted at a deeper level than just a surface relationship.
  • Each month, one of the families will host the meal in their home.  The “Host family” will provide the main dish, instructing the other two families on what they are to bring to complete the meal.  If there is an activity or game, the “host family” will be responsible for that when it is in their home.  Each month calls for a new “host” and a different home.
  • It’s that simple … and it’s a lot of fun!


  • What about families with small children?  Each group can decide for themselves whether they want to include children in these dinners.  If children are included, parents need to be responsible for their children’s behavior, and be sensitive to the “rules” of the Host home.  If the group decides not to include the children, then each family will need to take care of their own child-care needs.  Some parents will find that they can interact and engage with other adults more easily without the children, but that will be a decision each parent/ group can decide.
  • Does it have to be an evening meal?  No.  Be creative!  If you can’t find an evening where you all can meet, you may want to do a Saturday brunch or noon meal.  Make it work for your specific group.
  • Will I be grouped with families my age?  Perhaps, but not necessarily.  Hopefully, there will be a mixture of ages in your group.  This adds to the fun of getting to know your church family!
  • If I decide to participate, am I locked in for life?  Obviously, we realize schedules change, vacations arise, seasons of life happen.  If at any point, you are not able to participate for any three-month period, just let me know and we will not shuffle you back into a group.  If you want to come back in at a later time, just let me know, and we’ll shuffle you back into the next three-month segment.  We hope your experience will be so positive in getting to know other members, that you’ll want to participate over and over again!  We will constantly be getting new families to participate in this fellowship opportunity.


Cameron Frank