What I Learned From President Obama

"Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."-Romans 13:1

President Obama was the president that God either caused or allowed, but it was God's choice. For me, submitting meant learning to do a few things:

  • to stop publicly bashing him

  • to acknowledge the good he did or the good way he handled something

  • to, most importantly, pray for him

I noticed something. When I saw him as the president that God was in charge of, I was better able to submit to our president as the new authority in our country.

When I stopped bashing him, I saw that I wasn't wounding those who supported him anymore. Truly, I had not realized that I was wounding them before. I also figured out that I could better see the good he did when I wasn't focusing on his faults.

As I acknowledged the good, my faith was strengthened in God's control over all things.

As I prayed my heart was burdened for him as a man instead of a president. His soul, his life, just him. Barrack Obama the husband and dad. I can't imagine his role and the affect it has on him personally and his family. There was so much to pray for and I was so far behind. It became a blessing to pray for him and my heart was changing. I never embraced his platform or his politics, but I did embrace the fact that he was a man in need of prayer and that I could do just that. He was the authority that God placed in my life and by honoring that submission I was honoring God.

It took me eight years to learn and practice these things. I was never perfect, but heading into this next presidency I will take what I have learned the last eight years and do better in the season ahead. Donald Trump was not the candidate I wanted, but He is the one that God either chose or allowed. Because of that I will submit and practice what I learned.

Pastor, BlogMike Keahbone