Why We Went From Home School To Public School


When God called my family and I into full-time evangelism our oldest daughter, Hannah, was getting old enough to start school. It was decision time. Do we enroll in public or private school or do we home school? After much prayer and hard discussion we knew that we were to take the home school route. It was the perfect decision for us! As I traveled the country preaching the Gospel, my family could go with me. When I was home for those brief breaks in my schedule, we didn't have to worry about Hannah missing school to spend time with daddy. Home school worked so well for us that even after that season of life we continued to home school and Mikah soon enrolled at The Keahbone Academy! Homeschool has been wonderful for us for many reasons, but God has changed our heart. Before I tell the story of God changing our heart, I want to be very clear about what I believe concerning public, private, or home school. I believe every family must pray about what they are supposed to do and be obedient to what God says.

I have met home school parents that believe that home school is the only right choice. I couldn't disagree more. The typical reasons include protection from physical, spiritual, and emotional dangers that come with being around people who are not believers. Those are valid concerns and good reasons to home school, if The Lord leads, but those who choose not to or who can't afford to stay home to educate their children are not in spiritual error. The only right choice is the one that God commands.

I also have met parents that believe that the only right choice for believers is to send their children to public school. That their kids are to be missionaries to the "largest mission field in America". I couldn't disagree more. As much as I love Hannah and as much as I have seen her grow in her walk with The Lord over the last few years, she is not equipped to be a missionary. She is a child and she is in the middle of her training to be a woman of God. Missionaries for the North American Mission Board are trained like Navy Seals before they are turned loose to be "missionaries". She will be a light, I even believe that she will share the Gospel. She will also be more exposed to the world than she has ever been. She will do great things and she will make mistakes. We will lead her and coach her, but this will be a growing time. The only right choice is the one that God commands.

I also have met parents that believe that the only right choice is private Christian school. I couldn't disagree more. I love the idea of Christian based education and having a structure designed to grow students in their walk with God. I just don't believe it is the only right choice. The only right choice is the one that God commands.

Over the last two years, God has put a vision in my heart for my community. I believe that God is leading me as a believer, my family, and my church to smother our community with the love of Jesus! CHBC, my church, has been amazing at chasing after this vision in the Warr Acres/Putnam City area. Jennifer and I have been praying about our personal call to reach our community.  In the last few months The Lord has given us a clear command to sell our home and move into the area our church is located in. As we have worked to be obedient here, we were blind sided by another clear revelation: Hannah is supposed to be in public school. This shook us to the core! We were comfortable and happy with home schooling. It was working for us. As we prayed and fought this command, God's call just got louder and louder. This last Sunday it all came together for us! Hannah is not the missionary, my wife and I are! With Hannah being in school we will be meeting parents, teachers, administrators and any other person involved at her school! I'm going to be the king of PTA and Jen is going to be the Queen! We are going to encourage and be a help to Hannah's teacher and the whole staff of the school! Hannah will do her part as a light, we will do our part as missionaries. Most every family with children in our community has contact with our school and we'll be there to share Jesus in so many ways!

I am excited! I can't wait to see what The Lord does! If you are wrestling with what to do with your children when it comes to their education, pray and remember that the only right choice is the one that God commands.

Much Jesus Love,

Mike Keahbone

Pastor, BlogMike Keahbone