Trunk or Treat


Trunk or Treat Banner Our Trunk or Treat is right around the corner! We need all the candy we can get. Last year we were able to welcome over 2,000 guests through our parking lot! It's so exciting to be able to serve our community and provide a safe place for their children to enjoy a fun and candy-filled evening! We will be accepting candy every Sunday and Wednesday until Trunk or Treat, October 31st.


We will also need help in many other areas as we approach this awesome event. Here are some ways you can help us:

  • Sponsor a Trunk - Decorate your trunk or area with a game, activity, or other engaging element and interact with the children and families who will pass through our campus.
  • Inflatables - We will need help manning our inflatables to help ensure children's safety and help direct traffic through the games.
  • Candy - Our Trunk or Treat will go through a lot of candy. We will need help making sure our trunks and other games don't run out of candy throughout the night.
  • Security - The security of our guests and their children is very important to us, we will need a team of security to help make sure our people are safe.
  • Parking - When over 2,000 people come through a parking lot, it can be difficult to move cars in and out. We will need a team of people to help direct cars to available entrances and parking spots, and help people get where they need to be once they've parked.
  • Food and Services - With food trucks and candy wrappers, we can be sure there will be trash around the lot. We will need a team to help make sure trash cans are tended to, tables are clean, and our campus looks the best that it can throughout the evening.
  • PrayThis is something everyone can be a part in. We want to pray for safety, pray that everyone has a great time, and that this event will be God-honoring, community-engaging, and kingdom building. Join us in praying for everyone who will be helping this event, and for everyone who will walk through the gate to join us for a fun-filled evening!
Cameron Frank