The Word Alive - Women's Conference

The Word Alive with Lysa TerKeurst

Crossings Community Church 

Friday, March 23: Doors open 5:30 pm, Event 7:00- 9:30 pm

Saturday, March 24: Doors open 7:30 am, Event 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Cost of the event is $79 or $59 for a group of 10 or more who sign up together.

See more information about the event at

If you are interested in attending The Word Alive with a group from CHBC let Debbie know by responding to this email or by signing up at Grand Central.

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Women's Falls Creek Retreat

You are invited to join CHBC women at the Falls Creek Women's Retreat April 20-21. The retreat features keynote speakers, Kay Arthur, Katherine Wolf & Ruth Chou Simons and worship leader, Eden Trentham.

The schedule this year has been adjusted to accommodate work schedules with the first general session at 7:00 pm on Friday. See the full schedule for the retreat at

Early Bird cost is $75 with a registration deadline of midnight, March 23. Cost for Teens 13-18 (accompanied with mom or adult) is $35 until midnight, March 23. Registration cost for all ages after March 23 is $85. Final deadline to register is April 3.

Register online at and then email that you registered so you will be included in the planning & organization for CHBC women. See more information at Grand Central or online at the above link. If you have questions, call or email Debbie Hanni at 570-4879 or the email address above.

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What I Am Learning On My Recent Journey...

It is amazing how fast things change! In the last week my interaction with the football team at our local high school has caused a flurry of activity. In all of it I have learned a few things, so far.

Atheists aren't bad people; neither are Christians. So many times, because of emotionally charged social media posts, Christians and Atheists are given a bad rep. Almost made to feel like we have to "fight" each other and oppose each other because that is what we are "supposed" to do. I was blessed by an Atheist in one of the comments that I read. She simply stated why she felt like the Freedom From Religion organization may have intervened, but also stated that she loved what we were doing to help people. It was so refreshing! She was kind, thoughtful, and complimentary. Probably like many other Atheists. I had the privilege of being kind, thoughtful, and complimentary back... probably like most Christians would have done. As it is with most people, no matter how you group us, there are extremes on both sides that can make all of us look bad. What did I learn? Be nice. Even when attacked or put down; be nice. Kindness and thoughtfulness are two great ways to disarm anger and hate. As Believers, this should be our wheelhouse! 

I am not alone. One of my many favorite things about being a Believer is the way we rally together as a family. All of the calls, texts, messages, and comments have been so encouraging and timely. There is an army of prayer warriors that have lifted up my family and I and our church family. You will never know how grateful I am. You are such a blessing. This has reminded me of just how many wonderful brothers and sisters that I have.

Our God Reigns! The ministry to our school and community will go unfazed! The Lord has blessed us with a relationship with a great school system and leadership. We have worked together to make sure that we are extra careful in protecting every child from any religion being forced on them. What we get to do is love the school and every person in it and serve them with the unconditional love of Christ. We model who we are in front of them and let God do the rest! 

I anticipate that I will be learning much more as the days pass, but I am thankful for what The Lord is doing and cannot wait to see how He uses all of this.

Much Jesus Love,
Mike Keahbone

PastorMike Keahbone
Clarity Regarding the FFRF, PCO, and Me.

In recent days I have been forced to tread uncharted waters. I was mentioned in a possible lawsuit that was threatened by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a press release by the FFRF, an article by The Christian Post, and I was interviewed by Todd Starnes from Fox News. The interview with Todd Starnes was followed by a printed article. Needless to say; it has been a bit of a whirlwind. After reading all of the articles and receiving so much support and prayer; I wanted to clarify a few details that may have been overlooked or misinterpreted in the headlines.


I have not been banished from the school. Fan Club is unhindered. Our love, service, and committment to our community and PCO has not wavered.
We have a wonderful relationship with a school and a district that has incredible leadership and a relentless care for their students. Our first step, when all of this erupted, was to meet and evaluate what we were being accused of and to make sure that we strengthened the lines that were already in place to secure the integrity of the school. The desire of my heart and the heartbeat of our church, Cherokee Hills Baptist Church, is to be a compliant friend to PCO's faculty and students. We want to know people and build relationships with them. As we build relationships we will discover needs. Families should not be devoid of food, basic utilities, and basic necessities, but this is the reality of our community. Our goal is to meet those needs and give families a little relief. There is no law in the United States of America that prevents us from loving Putnam City High School and our community. I will be available to the school as needed, Fan Club will still support our football team and our players, and we will do it the right way. Please pray for us. Pray that God will provide the resources needed to love those He has placed in our care. 
Finally, if you are available on a Friday night in the Fall... and you don't mind wearing black and orange... join us in the stands for some great football and to cheer on some amazing kids! Go Pirates!

Much Jesus Love,
Mike Keahbone

PastorMike Keahbone
Vessels: Broken; Renewed; Useful

Join us for the Women's Ministry Spring Luncheon, "Vessels: Broken; Renewed; Useful", on Saturday, March 10, from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.

You were made with a purpose. Whether you feel broken, needing renewal or just fine where you are, come get a fresh perspective on who you are and where you are going. Brandi Biesiadecki will share a message for women of all ages from Jeremiah 18. Brandi is a warm, fun and passionate speaker who brings the Work of God alive to women with real-life application. Invite your friends and join us for great worship, fellowship, renewal in God's word, door prizes and lunch!

The cost to attend the luncheon is $15. You may bring guests for the discounted price of $10 each. Tickets are on sale at Grand Central starting February 18 and online by clicking here.

Scholarships are available at Grand Central.

Nursery is available through 5th grade by reservation when you purchase your ticket.

We also need some ladies to be table hostesses and to help decorate for the luncheon. If you are interested in helping or would like further information please respond to this email, sign up at Grand Central or call Debbie Hanni at 405-570-4879.

Bring a friend and join us Saturday, March 10, for "Vessels: Broken; Renewed; Useful".

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